RTEC - Software Systems Ltd. is software company focused on production and development of software solutions for control and monitoring of corporate information and telecommunication infrastructure (IT infrastructure).

The mission of company is to develop the best-of-the-type integrated trusted solutions for the branched ITinfrastructure.

Zodiac Management Framework, developed by RTEC - Software Systems Ltd., is the up-to-date high performance system for monitoring and control of corporate IT infrastructure. This product is a result of the leading world software vendors experience combined with achievements of the Russian technical science.

The unique technologies for data collection and processing used in this system make it an efficient tool to control enormous information flows related to the corporate business process at minimal cost.

  • Main task

    The main task of Zodiac Management Framework is to optimize the IT resources and facilitate strategic management decision making process based on current generalized analytic information.

  • Important characteristics

    The most important characteristics of this trusted software include secure access to the IT infrastructure, uninterrupted IT services and integrity of the data processed which are the basic criteria of information security and financial savings policy for each corporation.

  • Economic efficiency

    The high economic efficiency of Zodiac Management Framework implementation is achieved due to low total cost of ownership, possibilities of scalability and IT infrastructure optimization.

RTEC - Software Systems Ltd. provides a full range of the post-installation maintenance and technical support to the customer upon completion of Zodiac Management Framework application into the customer’s IT infrastructure.