Zodiac Management Framework is a centralized trusted system designed for online monitoring and control of corporate information and telecommunication infrastructure (IT infrastructure). It enables control of extra large geographically spread infrastructures and, thereby, reduces their maintenance cost. 

This management framework consists of software modules which collect, process and store information about objects subject to monitoring with further graphical presentation of the network generalized condition and notification of the staff about existing problems and exceptions.

Key features

  • Safety

    Zodiac Management Framework is a trusted software system with guaranteed absence of vulnerabilities and undocumented possibilities.

  • High performance

    The framework enables to control simultaneously more than 100 000 objects and to process over 1 000 000 requests per minute.

  • On-line control and management

    Interaction with objects under control is performed with the same speed as the processes of such objects flow.


Zodiac Management Framework area of application is information and telecommunication infrastructure: hardware and software, IT resources, business information processing technology.

It can be used in the branched networks of any sophistication.

  • Particular effect can be achieved in performing IT infrastructure management tasks in large corporations characterized by the following features:

    • geographically spread infrastructure;
    • large number of servers, workstations and active equipment units;
    • remote applications and services;
    • information processing center located in the head office;
    • connection with remote offices via leased channels or internet (extranet);
    • limited bandwidth of extranet channels.
Architecture of Zodiac Management Framework

Zodiac Management Framework for managers

Zodiac Management Framework is designed for leading staff to simplify making the right management decisions, optimizing and reducing cost of maintaining IT infrastructure, and improving quality of enterprise services.

Trusted software usage is essential way to increase information security level nowadays. Safety of Zodiac Management Framework is certified by FSS of Russia. It generates a reliable trusted operational environment for corporate information systems.

For top managers Zodiac Management Framework provides full information about current state of enterprise IT resources and abnormal situation effect on entire IT infrastructure, estimates tactic and strategic implications.

"Detection - Prevention - Optimization" approach

This approach bring significant economic effect in first months using Zodiac Management Framework.

  • Detection -

    early detection of problems
  • Prevention -

    advance response and prevention of emergency situations
  • Optimization -

    optimizing changes, elimination of bottlenecks

Zodiac Management Framework solves following tasks:

    • Real time representation of information is especially important in making timely decisions in complex dynamic situations, including mapping of generalized state of IT infrastructure resources;

    • Prediction of possible threats allows to perform preventive actions;

    • Choosing optimal management solutions;

    • Evaluation of company's operational risks related to IT infrastructure;

    • Single point access to all information resources.

Zodiac Management Framework performs the following functions:

    • automated online control of IT infrastructure resources and services of a corporation at a minimal network load;
    • collection, processing, analysis and storage of historical data on quality parameters related to the status of the systems under control;
    • processing and interpretation of data related to the information services of the corporate IT infrastructure;
    • generalized presentation of the object status and network exceptions, notification about the IT services status degradations in accordance with the defined logical structure of the objects;
    • displaying the quality parameters of the services provided by the IT infrastructure;
    • providing history reports on lT parameters related to the status of the systems under control and the IT services quality;
    • indicating problems in the IT infrastructure under control and signaling about IT resources and services status degradation by means of dashboards;
    • quick notification of managers and personnel of the company about functional problems occurred in the IT services under control.