Zodiac BSM

Zodiac BSM module displays the impact of IT infrastructure status on corporate business services and enables real time control of operational risks of company thus improving business services quality and reducing their maintenance cost.

This module performs the following tasks:
  • visualizes business services and processes of a corporation;
  • projects business processes onto the IT infrastructure;
  • controls corporate operational risks in the online mode;
  • expedites the corporate attendants response to the problems occurred in the IT infrastructure.

This module is based on the client-server architecture.

BSM Server interacts with external systems, processes data from different sources and determines the influence of IT infrastructure elements on business process state.

BSM Viewer application displays information from BSM Server in a user-friendly format, i.e. visualizes the business processes and shows impact of network elements behavior on processes' status. This application is a tool for quick detection and classification of ineffective network segments and sources of problems.

BSM Configurator application is designed for setting up Zodiac BSM module and enables configurating business services as hierarchical structures.