Zodiac Constructor

Zodiac Constructor module is a set of Windows applications with graphical user interface designed for Zodiac Management Framework set up and control.

Device Manager application performs the following actions:

  • configures visual appearance of the IT infrastructure under control;
  • sets up the parameters for data collection;
  • creates reports on IT infrastructure performance, including detailed reports on network traffic and common reports on the occurred events;
  • controls user profiles and access rights.

Alert and Notification Manager application performs the following actions:

  • defines conditions of arising alerts on the network problems;
  • specifies threshold values for defining severity level of a problem;
  • sets up the rules for sending notifications about problems and exceptions.

Process Manager application is designed for management of functional services of Zodiac Monitoring Engine module.

Dashboard Editor application creates and customizes dynamic dashboards for graphical presentation of current statuses of the monitored IT infrastructure and its objects by means of the web interface in online mode.

Communicator application provides interface between other components of Zodiac Constructor module and Zodiac server including the secure connection (VPN).