Zodiac Monitoring Engine

Zodiac Monitoring Engine module is the core component of the framework. It performs data collection from various network elements and network managers. It provides information about the condition of IT infrastructure by means of graphical user-friendly web interface and by providing notifications about problems and emergency situations occurred.

Zodiac Monitoring Engine module performs the following main functions:

  • high performance data collection from various sources in the online mode;
  • collection, processing, analysis and storage of historical data on quality parameters related to the status of the objects under control;
  • summary of data about IT infrastructure functioning and detailed statistics on each object under control;

  • access to information presentation facilities via intuitive graphical web interface;
  • management of configuration of the infrastructure under control by means of the user-friendly graphical interface developed in Zodiac Constructor module;
  • setting up threshold values which define the severity level of possible problems in IT infrastructure.

Key features of this module are as follows:
  • additional agents are not required for data collection and presentation;
  • scalability for application to the IT infrastructure of any size and sophistication;
  • low additional load on the IT infrastructure under control;
  • easy installation, tuning and maintenance / technical support;
  • user web interface;
  • compatibility with operational systems: Linux, HP-UX, AIX.