Zodiac Correlation Engine

Zodiac Correlation Engine module is a tool for processing events, occurred at various sources, and investigating the relations between the events.

While processing data it takes into account the existing links between data (physical or logical), network and application topology of a corporation, events priority and their occurrence time, impact of the occurred events on the corporate activity. This module analyzes the incoming data according to the defined logics of the controlled system behavior and probable scenarios. Zodiac Correlation Engine module maintains a log of detected changes in corporate activities and makes a conclusion about the states of business services, processes and systems, and, thereafter, generates alerts and transmits them to Zodiac Monitoring Engine module.

An event is the basic information unit being processed by Zodiac Correlation Engine module. It is an invariable record about a modified state or an executed action. The event reason may be either problem which has already occurred or successful completion of a planned task (for example, a server restart, authorization with the administrator's access rights, hard drive overload).