Zodiac Distributed Collector Engine

Zodiac Distributed Collector Engine module is designed for high performance data collection from IT resources of a corporation via SNMP protocol by means of multithreaded connections with objects under control.

This module gives the following opportunities:

  • to cover all components of a corporate IT infrastructure in online mode, regardless of its manufacturer and model;
  • to optimize process of data collection: to accelerate getting data from objects under control and to decrease time period for refreshing data in a database;
  • to provide control over geographically remote objects with the same address space.

Zodiac Distributed Collector Engine module can be installed on Zodiac server as well as on another server of IT infrastructure, that allows distributing the load on the servers more efficiently. Moreover, if Zodiac Distributed Collector Engine module is installed on a server, located in a network segment which is closed for direct SNMP requests for security reasons, then data collection from devices without access by SNMP protocol becomes possible.

This module solves problem of parasitic traffic, which reduces network performance, with no impact on monitoring process quality. Unique functional features of this module enable filtering dynamic data at the enddevices directly. As a result, impact of the monitored data traffic is almost eliminated and effect on the channel bandwidth utilization is below 0.5%. By implementing this approach Zodiac Monitoring Engine module is able to get data from all objects of IT infrastructure every few seconds, to detect modifications automatically, to update configurations and to reflex object statuses in online mode.