Zodiac FlowTools

Zodiac FlowTools module is designed for collection and processing of data from network resources in NetFlow protocol format and provides reports on traffic parameters in the form of tables or diagrams.

Accurate analysis and control of current traffic content improves safety and predicts internet channel load, which is especially important in modern context when economics and cost-effectiveness is critical.

Zodiac FlowTools module generates detailed reports on NetFlow protocol devices network traffic. While generating a report the traffic flow data can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • source address;
  • source destination;
  • source UDP and TCP;
  • destination UDP and TCP;
  • ICMP message type and code;
  • IP protocol number;
  • network interface (SNMP parameter ifindex);
  • IP ToS.
A user / administrator can review this reports by means of Web interface of Zodiac Monitoring Engine module.