Zodiac NMS

Zodiac NMS module enables performing complex control of network devices and provides information about their status in online mode.

This module supports following device types:

  • Crossbeam X-Series Platforms (X20, X30, X60, X80);
  • Alcatel.

Generally, in the context of client server architecture, Zodiac NMS module is an integrated entry of the following modules:

  • client part – Zodiac NMS application, as structural component of Zodiac Constructor module, is installed on user workstation together with other applications of this module;
  • server part is provided by means of Zodiac Monitoring Engine module.

Zodiac NMS application connects to the controlled network device via Zodiac server. So an administrator is able to perform the following actions:

  • set up device configuration and modify its parameters;
  • view data on the current status of device component;
  • restart and shutdown device.